Types of Computer Programming Degrees

The information systems and technology field is one that our economy can now not imagine functioning without. It has become huge and diverse field that offers opportunities for anyone interested in computers and technology. In fact, a high median salary of over $70,000 over all programming careers also makes it a popular job track.

While there are many different types of careers in computer programming, many of them require the same basic set of skills, interests, and qualifications:

  • Logical
  • Practical
  • Analytical
  • Aptitude for design, math, and problem solving
  • Resourceful
  • Skilled at researched and trial and error methods of work

But each career path is categorically different and each carries various responsibilities and needs different talents that learned computer programmers possess.

Application Programmers

Application programmers write programs for end – or final – users. These are often built for businesses – things like inventory tracking systems, order processing systems, and invoicing programs. It’s important for people in these positions to be able to work on the high end technical level information, as well as communicate with end users and technical team members. Application programmers who write local programs for their company or write software for a third party business need to have an excellent understanding of how that business and how application will be used.

Game Programmers

Game programmers help write computer programs that work on commercial gaming systems. These programmers work on code that runs the graphic and technical aspects of any computer game. They work with coding languages like VisualBasic and C++, and are focused, determined, programmers who traditionally work on small aspects of the game a piece at a time.

Web Programmers

Web programmers or developers design and build websites. They are experts in web application languages and routines, including HTML, Python, Java, C++, Ruby on the Rails, and more. They are often employed by the web teams of corporations to build specialized websites – for a product, promotion, or other creative venture- or keep an entire corporate website clean, modern, and efficient.

Because technology is continually growing and changing, programmers might find themselves having worked in many areas of programming over their career. Working in one area often overlaps with another, or qualifies someone to branch out into something else. The trajectory of programming careers don’t seem to be slowing down and continue to offer creative, flexible, and interesting projects.

List of Online Computer Programming Degrees

Northcentral University – Northcentral is among the nation’s most popular business and technology schools. Over a short period of time, NCU has grown its reputation, available programs, and student body, which now consist of over 10,000 students currently enrolled. NCU offers online programs for a PhD and MBA in Computer Science.
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Grantham University – Grantham University offers an online program for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This bachelor program covers the basics needed to start a career in computer programming and development. Grantham is a small college in Missouri with almost 9,000 students currently enrolled either online or at the campus.
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Rasmussen College – Rasmussen College is a long-establish school with 24 campuses across the country and over 14,000 students currently enrolled. Classrooms have a low student-to-teacher ratio, giving each student more one-on-one time with professors as they work towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The program is also available online.
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Nova Southeastern University – Nova Southeastern University has almost 50 years in operations and over 28,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled either online or at the school campus. NSU offers two programs in computer science, a Doctor of Philosophy degree and a Master of Science degree. Both require an undergraduate degree for enrollment.
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